Promoting partnerships that spur economic growth, strengthen community, and provide resources to those who need it most.


The Field Studies Business Development Program (FSBD) will establish a partnership between local businesses and a local college or university whose curriculum is based on improving economic growth. Students from different courses of study – e.g., marketing, urban planning, environmental design, business administration – will develop a field studies program that examines why some businesses are struggling versus others, and advise on changes individual business owners can make to boost their sales and attract new customers.

This innovative idea will help drive economic growth, without straining city resources. Additionally, business owners will directly benefit from the tools and training that will be provided to them in their environment, being presented in ways they can easily understand and implement with limited resources.


The Riverbed Farm & Event Space would be the direct result of a partnership between the city and a nonprofit organization. Utilizing city-owned land, this project aims to develop and urban farm near the riverbed that will empower the community and educate on sustainable farming (aquaponics), while also offering a space for workshops, educational field trips and private events.

A percentage of the vegetables grown will be donated to community members who do not have the means to purchase organic goods. The rest will be sold to local restaurants and will also be offered at the local Farmer’s Market for purchase.


The Southeast Los Angeles Homeless Collaborative (SLHC) will aim to strengthen relationships between local government, churches, nonprofits and other community and public health organizations to help tackle the homeless problem in the Southeast area. Collaborative workshops would help identify which services are currently being offered and by whom, provide expertise and help identify where there is a need for a specific resource. Additionally, a single online platform would help gather information from these collective groups and allow the general public to find the adequate resources for those in need.